About MotoTravel

About MotoTravel
MotoTravel was launched in 2021 to provide everyone who rides a motorcycle with a space to talk about their adventures, gear and motorcycles. A friendly place full of like-minded people to share your story. While a lot of other websites focus on one or a few specific motorcycles. Or only cater to a specific type of ride. Here at MotoTravel we aim for a broader audience and as such hope to be very accessible for everyone left out on other websites.

In the community we hope to create it doesn’t matter if you ride a 200cc motorcycle or a 1600cc. As long as you go on regular rides and can do so with an adventurous mindset you’re welcome on MotoTravel.

After all, MotoTravel is about the adventure.

Arnan, founder of MotoTravel, rides a 2020 BMW F850GS and Jeanette, 1st member, has a 2020 BMW G310GS. Both have more than 20000 kilometers of adventure riding under their belt. And hope to inspire and help others with their adventures through this website.

Do you have experience with motorcycle adventures and trips? Tell us all about it on the forum. Share your mods, gear, routes and photos.