Who is behind MotoTravel?

MotoTravel is created by Arnan de Gans. I have several years of experience with motorbike adventures – Big or small.
At the time of writing (late 2021) I have ridden more than 80000km in countries like the Philippines and Mexico. Other than motorcycles I’ve travelled all over Europe by bus, train and airplane. If you’re curious to know a bit more about me you can check out my profile website here.

To give you an idea of what kind of rides I enjoy and provide on this website – I don’t particular enjoy the excessive luxury tourism or the party scene you’ll find in places like Cancun or Boracay. I’m much more at home on a twisting mountain road and sleeping in basic affordable hotels and to experience an adventure most others will never have. I take photos of scenic spots in places where tourism doesn’t exist, and would rather drive 3 hours through the mountains or a desert away from civilization to find a little restaurant at a bay than immerse myself into luxury tourism found in places like Tulum, Puerto Vallarta or Boracay…

Joining me on some adventures is Jeanette. She, like me, likes to explore countries and do ‘unconventional tourism’ and see what a country is really about. You can check out her websites here and here.

The routes on this website are rides we’ve done or planned to do. Both as our adventure but also to explore new and exciting routes through countries to see more of it. Some routes are made up as we went along, others took several weeks of planning and deliberation. All tracks and routes that are available on MotoTravel have been carefully prepared for you to experience and enjoy as well.

Why use a prepared route for adventure?

You could argue that using a prepared track or route is boring and takes away from the adventure. And to some extend that is correct. Knowing where you’ll go and how you get there does diminish the sense of exploration a bit.

On the other hand, a good adventure needs preparation and that’s where MotoTravel comes in handy. It saves you a bit of time for your adventures, giving you more time to go on adventure. Some people don’t have a lot of time, or simply don’t want to spend hours preparing routes.
Others are not map-savvy enough to figure out creative routes. And yet again other adventurers simply want to go for a ride and experience routes others have ridden or recommend.

Whatever the case. MotoTravel is here to help and I think a prepared route is never a bad idea.

Why MotoTravel? and why buy a route?

MotoTravel is set up to share my experiences from countries I’ve been to and I hope to inspire adventurers to ride new and different routes. I probably won’t write blogs about how amazing certain places are without visiting them myself. But rather I’ll try to briefly highlight places I did visit and make some recommendations so that other people can make their own adventure based on that.

Buying routes is optional of-course. On MotoTravel you can download most routes as a free GPX track as well. This will give you a basic line to follow on your travels.
On the other hand, if you buy a route it will include more information and has the free track as a route. In many navigation apps this provides basic turn-by-turn navigation. On top of that, the routes also include a Point of Interest file with highlighted locations along the route.
Some routes more than others, but in general a Point of Interest file includes recommendations and road hazards as I encountered them.

Browse and download the Free GPX tracks and Buy GPX Routes here. More routes are added regularly.