An afternoon in Cabo san Lucas

Cabo Trip

In May of 2022 I drove down to Cabo san Lucas for lunch and a bit of fun. Living in La Paz is great, but the city as a whole doesn’t have much to offer and a change of scenery is nice from time to time. Cabo is supposedly only a few hours away. And it almost is. The plan was to leave somewhat early, have some fun in Cabo and ride back at the end of the day. Simple as that.

Cabo san Lucas is a famous tourist hotspot known all over the world for it’s beautiful beach, the natural stone arch and as a cruise destination. Other than that it’s a dusty little city with a few shops, one and a half shopping mall and a ton of restaurants and hotels.
In other words, fun to visit from time to time. If only to eat in a restaurant that’s not available in La Paz or sit on a different color beach.

Leaving at around 9am we expected the ride south to take about 2-3 hours. But we didn’t account for the bendy and twisty road being slower than the highway. So that turned into just over 4 hours.
Along the way we stopped at the Tropico de Cancer. Which is the geographic border for the northern hemisphere. I guess that makes Cabo san Lucas a tropical location with it being south of it.

For the rest it was a mostly fun and leisurely ride south with little traffic and nothing to worry about. Just how I like it. When we got close to San Jose del Cabo (The other Cabo) traffic got worse and we actually almost crashed into the back of a truck because traffic lights make no sense on a highway and nobody using indicators.
The last 30 minutes was a bit intense, we both almost got driven off the road by buses and trucks. Overtaken by mad car drivers… Not much fun. That is, until we arrived at the shopping mall in Cabo san Lucas – Which is the touristy Cabo and the fun started again.

We parked our motorbikes in the Puerto Paraiso Shopping mall, which is free-ish for motorcycles. And headed into town for lunch. We had some excellent Birria, a Mexican dish with beef. After that we tried to locate a motorcycle accessory shop which didn’t exist anymore and finally ended up on the beautiful beach of Cabo.

I find the golden sand color and the green-ish sea an excellent combination to look at and enjoy for a few hours. However I was regularly distracted by cute girls strutting past… Though, in most cases the sea and beach ended up being more real and attractive if you looked closer.
Anyway, enjoying some drinks in a restaurant on the beach we were offered many things. From salad bowls to souvenirs to cocaine. And everything in between.

Ultimately we explored the beach a bit more trying to see the stone arch from it and headed back to the motorbikes around 5pm. We couldn’t spot the arch though. It’s a bit hidden it seems.

I love beaches like this as long as I can ignore the madness of tourism.
The ride back started off intense as traffic was mad again. Almost got crushed by a city bus before we escaped onto the highway and headed north towards La Paz. With almost no-one leaving Cabo we had the highway to ourselves pretty much the whole way. Which was nice and somewhat serene.

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