A week in Cristobal de las Casas

On our way to La Paz in Baja California Sur we’ve spent a few days in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas Mexico. This city was high on our list of places to visit for its historical city center. And historical it was. Most of the older buildings have been preserved and repurposed for modern things like restaurants, shops and coffee shops. Some are turned into museums.

Exploring the historical city center

First, let’s start with the less attractive things in the city. Most of the touristy things are either closed off, walled off or only open on specific days. All of which poorly advertised. For example the main cathedral and adjoining gardens/grounds are walled off for maintenance or something. The whole cathedral is off limits for tourism. You can barely see the building because of the construction-site-wall surrounding it. Which makes taking pictures a near impossible task.

Next to that, with the current feminist protests going on in the country most walls, flat surfaces and and especially religious or government buildings or construction walls are ruined by feminist propaganda graffiti. The city is littered with angry cries for justice, equality and the destruction of men and their ways. Which makes the city and especially the bits tourists want to see an ugly sight. In general it’s not all bad, but you know, it’s on every street corner.
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