Givi PLR5127 and Givi Trekker Dolomiti side cases

Dolomiti Side Cases

Givi PLR5217 Monokey side racks

To properly use the Givi Dolomiti side cases you’ll need the Givi PL5127 or PLR5127 pannier racks. These racks have a mounting system that, wel, mounts the cases securely to the motorcycle. I opted for the PLR5127 racks because they’re removable. Partly because here in Mexico parts and accessories are scarce and this is what I could get, but also because I figured that when I’m not going anywhere exciting or whatever I’d just leave the pannier racks at home.

I did remove them a few times but for the most part I leave them on the bike and even considered bolting them on through the little lock gap. Right behind the passenger foot-peg there is a slot or hole where a lock fits through. I kept a few spare bolts from the assembly kit so I could bolt the racks on if I wanted to. But why really bother… They’re only removable with an odd shaped triangle key. A tool most thieves won’t have.
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