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Ride report - The shorter adventuresGone for the day or maybe a weekend or week, and back before your partner misses you. If you'd like to share the adventure you can upload some photos and the route here.8 Topics · 8 PostsLast post: Rio Lagartos, Yucatan - Ruta Flami … · 4 months ago · Arnan
Ride report - Great travels and adventuresBeen away for more than a week, perhaps a month? A great adventure you'd like to share? Upload some photos and the route here.3 Topics · 3 PostsLast post: From Batangas to Dumaguete city vi … · 4 months ago · Arnan
Trip PlanningPlanning or thinking about making a trip? Create your own adventure! Discuss and get some ideas here.1 Topic · 1 PostLast post: Basic guidelines, please read. Tha … · 4 months ago · Arnan
Maps and navigationHow do you find your way and what do you think about it?1 Topic · 1 PostLast post: My OsmAnd navigation settings · 4 months ago · Arnan
Find a riding partnerGoing in the same direction? Find a riding buddy here.1 Topic · 1 PostLast post: Things to consider before teaming … · 4 months ago · Arnan
Bike, Gear & GadgetsLast post
Bike SetupDid you add anything to your motorbike? Lights? Crashbars? Need some ideas or advise?3 Topics · 3 PostsLast post: the BMW Black Collection and the S … · 3 months ago · Jeanette
Helmet setupHow did you set up your helmet? Camera on the left or right? Sena or Packtalk?0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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Apparel and protective wearDiscuss your favorite gear and share your experiences.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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WearablesTalk about gadgets that you can wear or clip on.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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Camping gearIt's more than just a tent! What do you use? What do you have questions about?0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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Garage setupMan-caves lined with spanners and sprockets? Or a souped up garage?0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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Personal securityMallet and chainmail at the ready? How do you protect yourself from the world?0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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WaffleLast post
Everything elseIf it doesn't fit in any of the above. Maybe it fits here.1 Topic · 1 PostLast post: Any lady riders here? · 4 months ago · Jeanette
FeedbackSomething you think should be different or added? Add your request here.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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