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Adventure to Merida for a few days from Cancun

Distance: ~691Km (~429miles)
Duration: Multi day trip
Date: April 2021
Road condition: Mostly paved, expect potholes. Narrow/overgrown road lanes in some areas. 2 unpaved stretches.

A fairly easy ride crossing Quintana Roo into Yucatan to Merida and back. Explore central/northern rural Yucatan. Pass through many small villages. Route includes several POI such as a Cenote, old churches and buildings. 2 stretches of gravelly roads through woodland/farm areas are unpaved as marked in the POI.
Make sure you fuel up before heading into the rural areas as gas stations are far and few between.

Of-course visiting Merida is the highlight of this adventure. Both routes take about 4-6 hours each. A bit longer if you drive a casual pace. Visiting Merida is an excellent change of scenery from Cancun. Merida has a rich culture and history which is great to visit and explore. Plus the shopping and choice of restaurants is quite good. I'd recommend at-least a 3 night trip so you have some time to explore Merida.

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