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Basic guidelines, please read. Thanks!

If you're planning a trip or need some information on locations, gear or local conditions. This is the place to ask.

Topics in this forum are meant to be informative and inquisitive. If you're thinking about making a trip or need some inspiration about where to go. Ask away.

Of-course once you start your trip, don't forget to tell us all about it in the Ride Reports forums 🥳

Please check the below guidelines for some ideas on how to format your posts. These are not definitive rules, but are useful suggestions on streamlining the experience so the forum is enjoyable for everyone.

  • If you have a general idea of where you want to go you can ask for recommendations on the route. Attractions to visit, if there is fuel available, hotels to stay in. That sort of thing.
  • Careful with sharing personal information. Travel dates or where you'll be at certain times.
  • Blindly asking for trip suggestions is not the way to go. Instead, browse the forum for ideas first.
  • Try to stick to one topic per planned adventure. Try to keep things a bit organized.
  • Do not link your own website/platform and ask people to follow you there. Topics like these will be removed.
  • Do not ask for donations, financial support or other monetary means regardless of the cause/reason. Repeated requests for money will be removed/edited. Needing funds is often a necessity. But it's not the purpose of the Trip Planning forum.
  • Do not ask or push people to buy your merchandise/products/services. As with the donations bit, it's not why we have a Trip Planning forum.
  • Replies should be relevant to the question or plan. If you have a question of your own that's not directly related to the OPs question, start your own topic.
  • Do not attack or critique the people posting. Constructive criticism or pointing out dumb things is fine-ish, but it's not your trip that's being planned. Everyone rides by their own rules, skill level, interpretation and standards. Please be respectful of that.

Thanks for your consideration and have a great time!
- Arnan

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