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From Batangas to Dumaguete city in the Philippines

Distance: ~954Km (~590miles)
Duration: 4-5 days (minimum)
Date: September 2017
Road condition: Paved/concrete roads. Some tight turns and steep inclines. Traffic and roadworks can be chaotic/reckless. Ports are chaotic.

A mostly easy to traverse route following mostly major roads. Plenty of scenic views and opportunities for breaks, snacks and sightseeing along the way. Ferry services are often unreliable. Ports and some alternatives are marked as waypoint or POI.

Also marked are hotels/motels so you have a place to stay along the route or while waiting for ferries.
You'll find decent fuel stations from Petron and Shell and some others all along the route.

If you drive at a no-nonsense pace this route can be completed in about 5 days. If you decide to stay in certain places, it'll be longer of-course.
Puerto Galera is nice for some beach activities. Sipalay is fun for a day of exploring and beach. Iloilo City and Bacolod are fun for some shopping, etc. Plan accordingly.

IMPORTANT: This adventure includes ferry crossings, make sure you have all paperwork for your vehicle for the ferry ports prepared, bring multiple copies of everything. Never submit originals, you won't get them back! It's often easiest to just show up at the ticket office, ask what paperwork they want and in what order. Also check with the coast guard/navy what they want to see for your clearance to board. The documentation required always revolves around a valid registration and ownership documents. Check with each port what you'll need. There is no standard procedure, each port has its own idiosyncrasies.

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