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Rio Lagartos, Yucatan - Ruta Flamingo

Distance: ~539Km (~335miles)
Duration: Couple of days
Date: June 2021
Road condition: Paved, expect some potholes/rough patches. Narrow/overgrown road lanes in some areas.
Blog Post: Finding Flamingos in Rio Lagartos

Easy touring through northern Yucatan. The highlight of the trip is to see Flamingos. On the way you'll pass through many small villages. Route includes several POI such as some ruins, a windmill park and scenic views of the ocean and lagoons. On the way back you'll drive through the rural bit of Yucatan completely avoiding any highways or main roads until you pass Puerto Morelos. Make sure you gas up and bring refreshments 😉

Premium fuel is not available in the Rio Lagartos area as marked on the route in the waypoints.
Also included is a POI map for the Rio Lagartos area with some restaurants and attractions, including where to find the Flamingos. You may be able to see a few from the shore. But it's highly recommended to hire a boat - Which should cost around $1000MXN. Tours take about 2-3 hours. In front of the hotel there is a guy called Paco, who we hired. He is a friendly guide with knowledge of plant and animal life and speaks pretty good English.

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