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Things to consider before teaming up - Please read. Thanks!

Finding a riding buddy is not always a straightforward affair!

Please check the below concerns for some things to watch out for. Riding with strangers is potentially dangerous. Use your common sense and make an informed decision!

  • Try to meet each other in a neutral and public place first and see if you get along.
  • Do not share too much personal information; for example where you live or how much money you have.
  • Consider each others riding style. Not everyone likes 14 hour days or wheelies.
  • Take a look at each-others motorcycle and gear. If the other person expects to bunk with you or eat your supplies that may be an issue.
  • Make sure your potential partner has financial means of their own. Nobody likes to front bills the whole time, especially not in case of emergencies or accidents.
  • Make sure your potential buddy can make the trip (mostly) independent of you. Sharing can be great, but not at the expense of your fun or money. If they can't make the trip on their own perhaps they're not the right person to ride with.
  • Use your common sense and don't take unnecessary risks.
  • And; if in doubt, don't ride with the person.

That all sounds like #duh to me and I think it's important to consider these. That said, I have yet to undertake a longer trip of my own with someone I met only a few weeks/days before, so what do I know 😉
The flip-side is that you may find a friendship that lasts for years!

And of-course, once you start your trip, don't forget to tell us all about it in the Ride Reports forums 🥳

Thanks for your consideration and have a safe adventure together!
- Arnan

Motorcycle: 2020 BMW F850GSA
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