My big regret on long-term travel

Going on adventure is a big deal and it is big fun also. It usually is. But inevitably after a while you get tired of it. Tired of the grind of riding hours on end. And most people, me included, just don’t take the time to enjoy the adventure anymore. The only objective is to get to the next location that day.

Sure you’ll enjoy the moment and probably enjoy the views, the road, or whatever gives you your rush. I like the scenic bits. Maybe a hint of danger and excitement. And on a good day I can immensely enjoy my rides.
But then later on, when the adventure is over and you look for a photo of something along the route you notice the bad days easily.

Recording memories

We go on adventures to have excellent experiences and create tons of memories. Yet some people seem to loose themselves in the adventure and forget to take photos or think “nah, it’s not that nice here” and then don’t take any photos.
I’ve been in Aguascalientes in Mexico for almost a week. Why did I only take 7 photos while I was there?

Granted – the weather wasn’t all that great and the city was way more boring than expected. But only seven photos? That seems a bit meager. Yet that’s all there is…

Not wanting to stop

For whatever reason. Mexico is really bad at rest stops and just having spots to stop in general. But that never prevented me from stopping in the Philippines. Lately however, it seems that all that matters is to ‘get it done’ and keep on riding. Especially on larger trips.

For example this stretch from Puebla to Cuernavaca:

That’s a near 300 kilometers ride right there (loosely following the red line). With a massive volcano ready to erupt to the right.
Lush green fields and scenic mountains on all sides. We passed through an impressive police security installation. Toll booths, villages. Enough to take pictures of it seems.

But where are the pictures? I took none. I don’t even recall stopping for a break.
Sometimes I just don’t feel like stopping for a nice photo and that’s kind of dumb in hindsight, because now I don’t have a visual memory of ever being there.

I’ve completed Yucatan

In stark contrast to Yucatan. Where I’ve made a few more rides than visiting a city for a few days or driving a stretch of highway once… Still, from the 4 or 5 trips I made in that area this is the result in my photo app.

As you’ll see, the map is covered with images, from a bunch of trips. But still. If you look at that, it would seem I stopped every 10 kilometers for a picture.

As a result I have to go on more adventures… What a hassle and chore 🤣
So I can re-do some bits of Mexico and fill in the gap and take more pictures. And undo my regret of not taking enough pictures.

What do you regret from your recent travels?

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