Philippines round-trip

In 2018 we rode around the Philippines from (Batangas) Manila to Dumaguete by road and ferry and back to near Manila via a different route totaling ~2500 km in length. We spent about 2-3 months on the road. However, if you spend 2 nights in every location you have 1 full day to explore each city or get some rest allowing you to complete this great adventure in about 4-5 weeks.
You can also start this adventure in Dumaguete and ride to Manila and back.

All routes are generated on my computer. At the time we navigated by paper map. We did the entire journey on 150cc motorbikes at a leisurely pace of about 60km/h.

All segments in this adventure are reversible as there are almost no separated highways or complex segments. Keep in mind that the POI and advisories are designed in one direction though.

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