Ek Balam and Coba ruins roadtrip GPX Track


An excellent journey into Mexico’s Mayan history where you explore Ek Balam and Coba on this adventure starting in Cancun.


Learn more about ancient Mexico from before the Spanish era and discover how the Mayan people lived and climbed stairs all day long.
Start in the heart of Cancun and drive over the rural roads to get the most of the Yucatan area and explore Ek Balam, an excellently preserved settlement of Mayan origins with many beautiful structures to climb and enjoy the views from.
I climbed the high pyramid in Ek Balam and was pleasantly surprised it peaks high above the forest for an excellent view.

Next on the route is a stop in Valladolid, good for lunch and some sighseeing in the cities historic centre. But don’t stay too long, because Coba awaits and requires at least 2 hours of exploring to see it all.

Coba which, in my opinion, is a bit less impressive than Ek Balam. However, this settlement is much larger and as such is much more spread out through the forest. The 2 large pyramids are a sight to behold and if you hire a tricycle driver he’ll cart you around the entire place for a few hundred pesos. Which makes it a leisurely and fun experience overall.

Additional info

Where: Eastern Mexico
Distance: 386km / 239miles
Loop: Yes
Fuel availability: Good on highways. Bad in the remote bits.
Road Conditions: Paved, good condition.
Toll Roads: No
Government checkpoints: Yes
Unofficial roadblocks: No/Unknown

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