Manila to Lake Taal GPX Track


Start your great adventure through the Philippines with this short ride from Manila to Tagaytay on Luzon.


Start in Manila, near the Mall of Asia at the Jetti fuel station and go on this short ride from Manila to the Canyon Woods area near Tagaytay and Lake Taal.

We stayed in the Canyon Woods Hotel, which is large and mostly a basic affair. But it provides a good view of the Lake Taal area if you ask for the right room.

Note: Our adventure started in Batangas so we didn’t actually ride this first segment. But based on map data this should be a good track to ride. I imagine most people will start this adventure from Manila, so this route will bridge that gap.
If you encounter issues with navigation, let me know so we can modify the suggested route if necessary.

Additional info

Where: Northern Philippines
Distance: 70km / 44miles
Loop: No
Fuel availability: Good.
Road Conditions: Good/Unknown.
Toll Roads: No

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- Road conditions will vary. Safety on the road may change unannounced and unexpected.

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