Sorsogon City to Catarman GPX Track


Leaving Sorsogon, head south. On the lower end of Luzon a ferry will take you across to Samar Island.


Having spent the day in Sorsogon we head down south towards the almost southernmost tip of Luzon where we take the ferry to Samar Island.
We avoid the heavy traffic of the Pan Philippine highway and take it to quieter roads following the coast down to the port.
Eastern Luzon is a fairly poor part of the country even by Filipino standards. This makes for many small towns that remind of simpler times.

At the port, there should be 2 ferry companies that have ships going to Samar Island. Service may be irregular. Check with the port authorities and the ferry company when the boat goes and if they expect it to go at all.

Caution: This port was in an absolute state of disorganization, by far the worst we’ve encountered anywhere in the Philippines.
Before buying tickets make sure the boat is available and that they have space for you. Also make sure that it’s operational.
Initially we bought tickets for the boat anchored in port but it had been broken down for the last week or so with no hopes of repair.
Another ferry from another company arrived a few hours later. I only got a partial refund on our original tickets though.

On top of that, the port authorities are mostly absent but all paperwork MUST be in order before the coastguard lets you board. Check with the guards stationed at the port gate where to go and what to do. If no-one is there, as was the case for us, find someone in the port building inside the gate and insist someone assist you with directions – Incomplete papers means no ferry.

This was our experience in 2018, if you have a different or better experience, please let us know so we can update the description.

Additional info

Where: Eastern Philippines
Distance: 149km / 93miles
Loop: No
Fuel availability: Average
Road Conditions: Good
Toll Roads: No

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