Round trip through the Philippines

In in 2017-2018 we circled the Philippines on motorcycles. Heading south on the east side, From Luzon via Samar to Dumaguete. And north through the west side of the country. This adventure crosses several major islands of the country and is just under 3000KM long.

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001 Lake Taal to
ZIP Archive / 47.5 KB

002 Atimonan to Naga
ZIP Archive / 70 KB

003 Naga City to Legazpi
ZIP Archive / 47.2 KB

004 Legazpi City to
ZIP Archive / 25.5 KB

005 Sorsogon to
ZIP Archive / 44.9 KB

006 Catarman to
ZIP Archive / 60.3 KB

007 Catbalogan to Tacloban
ZIP Archive / 41.5 KB

008 Tacloban City to
ZIP Archive / 45.2 KB

009 Hilongos to
ZIP Archive / 18.4 KB

010 Anda to
ZIP Archive / 55.8 KB

011 Dumaguete to
ZIP Archive / 51.8 KB

012 Sipalay to
ZIP Archive / 47.5 KB

013 Bacolod to Iloilo
ZIP Archive / 6.4 KB

014 Iloilo City to Roxas
ZIP Archive / 89.1 KB

015 Roxas Port to Puerto
ZIP Archive / 60.1 KB

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