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Available on iOS and Android.

I like BMW Connected for it’s ease of use. However, this simplicity comes at the cost of Points of Interest – The app simply doesn’t support them. A poor design choice to be sure. But for standard navigation this app will work just fine and I’ve used it numerous times when I felt I had to hide my phone and still needed to see where I’m going.

This means that while you can navigate a route or track just fine, any points of interest are not loaded along with it. Or, if you use Waypoints, the track or route is ignored and BMW Connected calculates its own route between the points.
Fortunately, for what MotoTravel offers in routes it works very well, and the dashboard navigation from BMW is pretty good. You could keep your phone in your pocket and still know exactly where to go with BMW Connected. And that’s nice.


Importing a GPX file into BMW Connected

1. Open the BMW Connected app. Your motorcycle does not have to be connected.
2. Go to the Route tab in the bottom and tap the Route creator on the top right.
3. In there, tap the big blue ‘Import Route’ button and select your GPX file.
4. Tap the route you want to ride and select ‘Go’ at the bottom to start navigation.
The BMW Connected app will generate a route to display on your motorcycle dashboard with directions. This may take a few seconds.

BMW Connected Import track BMW Connected load a track BMW Connected route preview and start

Reference; I use a Motorola with Android 11.